Build Your Own Inflatable PVC Beachball Shorts

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This is a kit that has all the makings to build your very own inflatable beach ball shorts. 

Build it using our step-by-step guide here

Or our how-to videos here

These 24” beach balls are big enough for a person with up to a 50” waist.

You have two options when ordering. You can order with and without tools.

You will get:
1. 2x 24” beach balls
2. #2 inflation valve
3. 20mL Syringe of HH66 vinyl cement
4. 2x green 18ga blunt syringe needles
5. 2x red 25ga blunt syringe needles
6. 5mL Syringe of acetone
7. Bag with tiny bit of cornstarch
8. pair of Latex gloves
9. 6x Q-tips

If you order with tools, you will also get:
1. 12” cutting mat
2. Rolling cutter
3. Small sharp crafting scissors
4. Metal seam roller
5. Blue painters tape
6. Silver Sharpie