IN STOCK- Apprentice Housemade 24" Inflatable PVC Beach Ball Shorts (#11)

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These in-stock beach ball shorts are made from two Intex brand 24” PVC beach balls. They are cut open to form a waist and two leg holes. They are then joined together with vinyl cement and reinforced around the openings. 

This item is not reinforced.

The 24” (61 cm) beach ball can accommodate up to approximately a 40” (101.6 cm) circumference waist opening but keep in mind the larger this opening, the less beach ball height is left.

Please note: This item is an apprentice project, therefore has been discounted.

What is an Apprentice project?
As we take on new crafters, they need to learn the ropes. We have several projects that each crafter must create before working on orders, so we oftentimes have extra items for sale at a discounted price. These may have minor issues such as scrunched material or extra patches, but are still quite usable and want a kink-loving home.

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