Made to Order- Inflatable PVC Astronaut Suit

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Please note this item is made to order and can take up to 6 months for delivery

Please note: the silver pvc is no longer made. We can still make the suit, but you will need to pick another color. You can see all the available colors here:

After we have received your order we may contact you for additional measurements using the email address provided at checkout. 
Two piece astronaut suit made from 2 layers of pvc

Two colored sauna suits (Su42) of your choice are purchased from and are hand glued together at the ankles, wrists, neck, and zipper. Mittens and booties are glued together to form individually inflatable gloves and booties and are attached to the ends of the wrists and ankles of the sauna suit. A beach ball is attached to the neck of the shirt and lined with a layer of the same soft pvc that the rest of the suit is made from.

7 total inflation chambers are formed. All inflation valves are on outside with an exception to the ball hood which is just below the breathing tube on the inside of the hood so that it can be inflated and deflated and used for emergency air. Breathing tube comes out on top of the ball hood so laying on stomach is possible. Shirt and pants zip together at the waist to make 1 suit. 1” wide reinforcement pvc strips are glued at all joints. Reinforcement is added to the factory seams at crotch and under armpits for added strength.

Optional access tunnel and sheath surrounded by hand opening (hand opening sealed at bottom and sheath sealed at top) available.

To see available colors please refer to the MIK website here. You can see examples of the materials on the color chart at

Size Guide

Size Chest Waist unstretched to max stretch Inside Arm Inside Leg
S/M 44" 23" - 38" 20½” 31"
L/XL 48" 28" - 42" 21” 31½"
2XL/3XL 54" 34" - 48" 21” 31½"
4XL/5XL 59" 40" - 52" 22” 33"

Please note there is a 10% upcharge for clear and semi-transparent materials, and materials under 185mm thickness to cover additional labor required


Though it doesn't usually take that long, due to the number of orders we receive and the small size of our company it can take up to six months to receive your order.

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