Extra Large Double PVC inflation valve replacement kit

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We put together a kit with everything you need to replace an extra large (18mm inflation hole, 22 mm deflation hole) double pvc inflation valve. This is a typical valve used for items like Hongyi inflatables and air mattresses. It has two different removable stops (or bungs). The larger stop releases air when removed whereas the smaller (inside) stop has a one-way valve and allows inflation when removed. We also have a how-to video here: https://youtu.be/ig0AaJiQJ58

Kit includes extra large pvc inflation valve, syringe full of HH-66 pvc glue, and clear pvc material (4” x 4”)

Inner Hole: 25 mm
Inflation Hole: 20mm
Stem Tip: 30 mm
Stem Base: 50 mm
Stem Outer Ring: 62 mm
Height (plugged & extended): 38 mm