Made to Order- Stylized Whale Suit

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Please note this item is made to order and can take up to 6 months for delivery.

After we have received your order we may contact you for additional measurements using the email address provided at checkout. 

This is a suit that is made to look like an Orca!

If you order it with the attched head, it comes with patchs of perforated holes in the eye areas (where the inner and outer layers come together) so that you can see, breathe, and talk easily. Two small inflatable pieces are attached inside the face area on the inside which inflate to form a mask and hold the inner layer away from your nose and mouth making it easy to breathe.


Entry is accessed by a zipper on the back of the suit. Two small inflatable pieces are inside the face area which form an inflatable breathing mask so it is easy to breathe, talk, and see!

It is available in one of two different configurations: With attached inflatable legs and feet and without. Without allows you to cool off since your legs are exposed. Or order with them attaced for a full-coverage exparience!

This price includes creation of suit, testing, and reinforcement of weak spots.

Though it doesn't usually take that long, due to the number of orders we receive and the small size of our company it can take up to six months to receive your order.

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