Made to Order- PVC VacBed

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Unique design of the frame allows it to be easily broken down for travel. A piece of elastic is looped through the whole frame so assembling the frame is simple and quick - no need to figure out which piece goes where. A valve closes to allow you to turn off the vacuum cleaner and enjoy the vac bed for quite some time if you get a good seal.

Made with 0.2mm medium thickness PVC of your choice of colors (front and back can be different). We order our PVC from Peruse their stock of colors here:

We can also use thicker PVC, but there will be an additional cost.

Comes standard with a breathing tube. Neck gasket to allow head to stick out is not possible because it won't form an airtight seal like latex does (sorry! We did try!). Seals by rolling PVC end around a pipe and clamping it (standard approach for most vac bed designs).

Maximum user height: 6'8" tall 
86.5” tall by 35.5” wide internal dimensions (between the frame pieces). Can hold a person who is up to 6’8” tall.

You will need a vacuum cleaner that has a hose. You will also need either talcum powder (for dry lube) or silicon lube. *Never* use coconut oil, mineral oil, baby oil, or water based lube as they will destroy the PVC.

See our setup video here

Looking for the latex version? Check it out here!

Though it doesn't usually take that long, due to the number of orders we receive and the small size of our company it can take up to six months to receive your order.

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